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President Says Public Prosecutors Must Improve Terrorism Prevention

President Says Public Prosecutors Must Improve Terrorism Prevention

The Inhambane Provincial Public Prosecutor’s Office has, since this Thursday, new facilities. This is an imposing building constructed from scratch, which will ease the burden of the Public Prosecutors in the old building built in colonial times.

According to the chief prosecutor in Inhambane, the old building was already too small for that institution, as there were few offices for the magistrates, as well as few conditions for the conservation of cases being processed in that Prosecutor’s Office.

Nazimo Mussa said that with the new building, the dignity of the magistrates and staff of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Inhambane has been restored: “We used to work in conditions that were not very good, which also contributed to the constraint and this new building with more offices for magistrates, more registry offices, we have a conference room, a library that will not only serve the magistrates, but also the general public.

The Prosecutor General of the Republic, Beatriz Buchili, said, on the occasion, that the inaugurated building offers a dignified and adequate work environment, at a time when the demand for the service of the Public Ministry is greater as a consequence of the enlargement of its consequences, which also requires not only an increase in Human Resources but also materials.

The new building was inaugurated by the President of the Republic. Filipe Nyusi said he hopes that the OPG will improve crime prevention, focusing on combating new forms of criminality, always counting on the participation of the Mozambican people.

“Yesterday (Wednesday), I was in Memba talking with those who belonged to the terrorist group and with the population and there it became clear that many of those who flee do not return to their homes, they are afraid and choose to go to the other provinces,” said Filipe Nyusi, adding that there is, so far, no indication that gives certainty that these same young people are not in Inhambane.

The Head of State wants to see an improvement in the quality of public service provision, firstly by ensuring better conditions for the Public Prosecutor’s Office staff, and secondly by providing better conditions for society, which will seek assistance there in view of its concerns.

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The President of the Republic added that, with the new building, the Government takes a concrete step so that the OPG continues to represent the State in the provision of services to society, in the areas of defence of the professions, legality and morality

In addition to the Inhambane Prosecutor’s Office, Filipe Nyusi inaugurated the buildings where the judicial courts of the districts of Morrumbene and Funhalouro will operate, which were built as part of the “One district, one decent court building” programme.

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