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Mozambique Will Still Decide On The Type Of External Support It Will Accept

Mozambique Will Still Decide On The Type Of External Support It Will Accept

The Minister of Foreign Affairs said Saturday that the country will still decide on the type of external support against “terrorism,” in the face of Southern Africa’s recommendation that a deployment of military personnel from the region will be necessary.

“We said we were expecting support, we did not say what support, what kind of support,” Verónica Macamo told reporters.

Macamo was speaking on the sidelines of the IV session of the Central Committee (CC) of the ruling Mozambique Liberation Front (Frelimo), which has been held since yesterday in the city of Matola, on the outskirts of Maputo.

The head of diplomacy said that at the appropriate time, the government will specify the type of help that it wants from the international community in the fight against the armed groups that carry out attacks in Cabo Delgado.

“At that time, we will decide what exactly the support [to accept] will be according to the proposals we receive,” she stressed.

Verónica Macamo stressed that Southern Africa and the African continent, in general, need to adopt a strong strategy against terrorism to prevent its spread.

“It is important that the whole world is together in the fight against this great evil, but particularly southern Africa, because it is with this problem,” she stressed.

Those who protagonize or advocate violent extremism, he continued, need to know that they have no room in Southern Africa and Africa is faced with a robust response.

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation said she believes that the country will “see better days” after this phase of violence caused by armed groups operating in the north of the country.

The head of state announced the holding next week of a summit of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to discuss the “terrorist” violence in Cabo Delgado province, emphasizing the imperative of international support in the fight against insurgency.

Filipe Nyusi was speaking at the opening of the IV session of the ruling party’s CC, of which he is also president.

Military experts mandated by SADC recommended the deployment of about 3,000 troops from the region to support Mozambique in combating insurgency in the northern region, warning of the risk of spreading violence in the territory and the sub-region.


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