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Mozambique Green Lights Revision of Notary Code

Mozambique Green Lights Revision of Notary Code

Mozambique is looking to go beyond palliative measures to pursue structuring solutions to create financial and economic resilience for its people.

The Government of Mozambique seems to be holding to its commitment to making the country more transparent and competitive in line with the measures of its Economic Acceleration Measures Package (PAE) announced by President Nyusi on August 2022.

Last week, Parliament approved a proposal for a legislative authorization bill allowing the revision of the notarial code, opening a path to a measure that foresees selected simple notarial acts for the population to take place free of charge in local police precincts.

According to sources in the Government, the so-called “simple notarial acts” although not officially announced, should revolve around the notarization of signatures and copies of original documents.

For the largest part of the Mozambican population that lives outside urban centers, those simple notarial acts usually represent significant traveling time and unforeseen expenses that currently make live complicate even for simple social events, like for example, enrolling a child in school.

The measure also foresees that selected licensed lawyers will be in time authorized to certify more complex notary acts, making a number of business procedures more expeditious and reducing costs to contribute to a more competitive private sector.



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