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President Calls for More Vietnamese Investment in Mozambique

President Calls for More Vietnamese Investment in Mozambique

On Tuesday 12 September, the Mozambican President, Filipe Nyusi, invited Vietnamese businesspeople to invest in the country, adding that it has many opportunities in the areas of agribusiness and mining.

“Mozambique is a country with countless investment opportunities in a wide variety of fields, and the government is implementing more policies to make the business environment favourable. This is a privileged space for doing business, and Vietnamese entrepreneurs can exploit the existing potential in areas such as agribusiness, mining, aquaculture and the shipbuilding industry,” said the statesman, after a meeting in Maputo with the vice-president of Vietnam, Võ Thị Ánh Xuân.

According to Nyusi, quoted in a statement, the entry of Vietnamese entrepreneurs into the market will help provide more jobs for nationals, generating income for their livelihoods and boosting the country’s development.

During the meeting, the leaders analysed bilateral cooperation between the two nations and welcomed the results achieved in high-level meetings, including the virtual summit between the two heads of state.

“Having noted the gains from cooperation, the two sides emphasised the need to extend the relationship to other sectors that could bring mutual gains,” she said.

The Vietnamese leader is in Mozambique for a four-day official working visit, with the aim of strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries.

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Mozambique has strengths in natural resources, fisheries and competitive labour, while Vietnam has advantages in agriculture, handicrafts, fisheries and the labour force, which influence the development of cooperation between the two nations.

Vietnam and Mozambique established diplomatic relations on 25 June 1975, and the Asian country established its embassy in the country in 1976.

Economic, trade and investment co-operation is the highlight of the relationship between the two countries. Their commercial turnover in 2022 totalled more than 177 million dollars.


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