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Mozambique Available For Investment From South African Pension Fund

Mozambique Available For Investment From South African Pension Fund

Mozambique is available to receive investments from the South African Pension Fund for the various sectors, especially Public Works. This opening comes as a reaction to the expression of interest expressed recently by representatives of the South African Development Bank, at the Business Meeting of the African Agenda of the CEO Community (PCA and executive directors) held recently in Maputo.

At the meeting, the South Africans wanted to know about the possibilities of using the Pension Fund of the neighboring country for the feasibility of different rail, port and road infrastructures, among others.

A Mozambican government source, at the highest level, guaranteed that the use of the South African Pension Fund was already on the national authorities’ agenda. “One of the things we want, because this pension fund is on our agenda, is even to invite them to come and see the situation of the roads in Mozambique,” said the Mozambican source cited by Notícias.

The same source assured investors that roads are a profitable business, especially at a time when the N4, which links Maputo to Witbank in South Africa, is congested due to the high movement of cargo to the Port of Maputo.

“We can think of alternatives other than the railway line. We have, for example, the Mapinhane-Pafure road, which can directly connect Mozambique and South Africa,” he exemplified. And he added that, besides the roads that connect the two countries, there is also the National Road Number One (N1), which goes from Ponta do Ouro to Rovuma, but which presents discontinuities in many areas.

“This is a road that can be profitable, existing good conditions. What happens is that some people still think that the volume of traffic is reduced, but we think that it is reduced precisely because the road is not in good condition”, he sustained.

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The Government source reiterated, therefore, that the Mozambican authorities have full confidence that the South African Pension Fund can invest in Mozambique, and therefore the gateway may even be the Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources.

The CEO’s African Agenda Business Meeting was co-organized by the Association of Trade, Industry and Services, and AMBROSETTI, an Italian organization that promotes business between European partners and those from other regions of the world.



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