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Mozambican Government to Send Technical Team to Saudi Arabia

Mozambican Government to Send Technical Team to Saudi Arabia

The Mozambican government will, within the next two weeks, send a mission from the Investment and Export Promotion Agency (APIEX) to Riyadh to begin implementation of the understandings reached during the working visit to Saudi Arabia of President Filipe Nyusi.

Speaking in Riyadh on Sunday, at the end of his three day visit, Nyusi said Saudi businesses are interested in investing in several areas in Mozambique including hydropower, natural gas and renewable energies, civil aviation, tourism, telecommunications and ports.

Other areas discussed, he said, included the construction of sports complexes, and the production of fertilizer. In agriculture, Saudi concerns are interested in the production of beans and soya.

Nyusi also stressed the construction in Mozambique of an Islamic Cultural Centre, which, he claimed, would harmonise cooperation between the two countries.

“We made it clear that, within 15 days, we shall send a mission from APIEX to Riyadh to introduce the matters. The Saudis want to go to Mozambique, but only after knowing what they are going to do and who they are going to speak with”, said Nyusi.

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“Saudi Arabia wants to enter Africa, particularly southern Africa, and it sees Mozambique as a window through which it can enter”, he added.



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