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European Investment Bank Seeks New Projects To Finance In Mozambique

European Investment Bank Seeks New Projects To Finance In Mozambique

The head of investment for the Sub-Saharan Africa region at the European Investment Bank, Martina Cimarosa, presented this Wednesday, 1 February, in a webinar, financing opportunities for national companies, where she pointed out that the financial institution is available to receive projects from entrepreneurs and businessmen.

The webinar was organized by the Association of European Businessmen in Mozambique (EUROCAM), in which Martina Cimarosa presented and explained the ways in which entrepreneurs and national businessmen can acquire funding from the European Investment Bank.

On the occasion, Martina Cimarosa explained that for the submission of the projects at the bank, the entrepreneurs should send an e-mail through the contact of the banking institution, since there is not yet an open window/platform for that purpose.

The source clarified that there is no specific amount for funding on the African continent, much less for Mozambique, adding that he could not “specify the interest rate charged, as everything depends on the project and the entrepreneur.

To become eligible, she explained that “projects must be technically and financially viable, economically sustainable, socially acceptable and accessible,” as well as being “environmentally friendly, helping to combat climate change.

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Martina Cimarosa explained that the financial institution she represents has numerous advantages in obtaining credit, as it “offers competitive interest rates, provides access to financing in various currencies, issues a certificate of quality of the project and provides technical capacity to the project. It has trained staff that are ready to provide technical help.

The source concluded by saying that the bank “monitors the social and environmental sustainability of all invested projects, which is why they must take into account the social and environmental impacts.”



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