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Government Approves Fiscal Scenario That Includes Diversification of Funding Sources

Government Approves Fiscal Scenario That Includes Diversification of Funding Sources

This Tuesday, 11 June, the Council of Ministers approved the fiscal scenario for the 2025-2027 period, providing for the diversification of the State Budget’s sources of funding and the stabilisation of public debt.

“It is a guiding instrument for fiscal policy aimed at materialising the government’s Five-Year Programme and, in this context, it provides for the diversification of funding sources and the consolidation and optimisation of public spending,” said Ludovina Bernardo, spokesperson for the Council of Ministers, at a press conference held at the end of the weekly session.

The official, quoted by Lusa, explained that the 2025-2027 fiscal scenario points to greater control of fiscal risks and the promotion of economic growth, with the aim of stabilising domestic debt.

According to the Economic Situation and Inflation Outlook report released in May by the central bank, Mozambique’s domestic public debt totalled 364.2 billion meticals (5.2 billion euros), after growing by the equivalent of almost 50.9 billion meticals (750 million euros) in five months.

As previously reported by Lusa, the domestic public debt contracted between December 2023 and May 2024, excluding that resulting from loan contracts, leases and overdue liabilities, “increased by around 51.9 billion meticals”, equivalent to 748 million euros, by the end of May.


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