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Parliament Approves the State General Budget for the Financial Year 2022

Parliament Approves the State General Budget for the Financial Year 2022

This Thursday, 16 November, the Assembly of the Republic (AR) approved the General State Account for the 2022 financial year, despite the Democratic Movement of Mozambique (MDM) voting against and the absence of the Renamo parliamentary bench.

The resolution approving last year’s General State Accounts (CGE) recommends, however, that the government observe the opinions of the Planning and Budget Committee, the Constitutional Affairs and Legality Committee and the Administrative Court (TA) when drawing up the next report.

The consideration and debate of the CGE began on Wednesday in Parliament.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, the Frelimo parliamentary bench considered that the General State Account for last year “was drawn up in compliance with the budgetary rules and recommendations of the TA”.

The General State Account for 2022 also indicates that total expenditure totalled 427.7 billion meticais, corresponding to 89.9% of the General State Budget (OE), representing around 36.2% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

According to the document, approved today by the AR, operating expenses totalled 315.3 billion meticais, corresponding to 99.9%.

Investments totalled 72.6 billion meticais, corresponding to 61.5 percent of the annual allocation, 100 percent of which in the internal component and 44.7 percent in the external component.

According to the document, revenue collection for the state coffers in the period under review totalled 285.6 billion meticais, corresponding to almost 100% of the annual forecast and around 24.2% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), 7.4% above the 2021 realisation level in nominal terms.

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“Expenditure on financial operations totalled 39.8 billion meticais, corresponding to 95 percent of the annual allocation, with captive operations having achieved an execution of 2.9 billion meticais and passive operations 36.9 billion meticais, corresponding to 58 percent and 100 percent of the annual allocation, respectively,” says the report.


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