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More than Seven Thousand Taxpayers Registered for Mandatory Social Security in Q1

More than Seven Thousand Taxpayers Registered for Mandatory Social Security in Q1

A total of 7134 taxpayers were enrolled in Mandatory Social Security during the first half of this year, enabling 70 076 employees to start receiving benefits.

Still within this scope, and in the field of the extension of the coverage of Mandatory Social Security, 2565 self-employed workers were enrolled, most of whom are active in the informal sector of the economy.

“This is another unequivocal sign of the valorization of the rights of thousands of workers who have opted for self-employment, as they now have access to social security benefits, especially with regard to protection in old age,” said the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Margarida Talapa.

Speaking during the XXXII Coordinating Council of the institution, the minister referred that this year the sector started with the awareness and registration of compatriots that work in mines and farms in the Republic of South Africa, so that they can be covered by social security benefits, especially after the end of their working career.

“The mobilization of efforts to address the concerns of compatriots in the diaspora, especially those working in the mines in South Africa, is one of the priorities in the present governance cycle,” she pointed out.

According to Margarida Talapa, together with the South African social security authorities, the sector managed to locate 251 beneficiaries of compensation for occupational diseases and social security, having been paid about 33 million rands.

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The minister said that the Ministry continues to assist the 20,600 Mozambican workers in South Africa, 17,000 of whom in the mines and 3,600 in the farms, stressing that, with the gradual return to normality, from January to June 2022, a total of 10,158 workers were recruited and allocated, 9271 of whom in the mines and 887 in the farms.

“The banking of this valuable class of workers and their families and dependents remains one of our top priorities, as this exercise opens up facilities for them in the financial system, in addition to having their money in real time and in an increasingly less bureaucratic process,” he emphasized.

The XXXII Coordinating Council of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security was held under the motto “Labor Administration for the Continuous Improvement of Services”.


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