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Debts Lead to Water and Power Cuts at Schools in Maputo

Debts Lead to Water and Power Cuts at Schools in Maputo

The 3 de Fevereiro Primary School in Maputo City could be cut off at any moment due to a debt to EDM of more than 128,000 Meticais, incurred last year. Schools in the Nlhamankulu municipal district have started the school year without drinking water, also because of debts.

With more than a thousand pupils enrolled and attending classes, the 3 de Fevereiro Primary School is operating under high alert, because the electricity supply to the school could be interrupted at any moment. The school has already been notified of the debt, as explained by the deputy head teacher, Berlino Maulate.

“Right now, we’re talking about a debt of MZN 128,272.81 (one hundred and twenty-eight thousand, two hundred and seventy-two meticals and eighty-one centavos), and this debt relates to last year up to the present moment.”

Berlino Maulate says he doesn’t know the reasons for not paying for the electricity supplied to the school.

“We have no way of explaining it, because the energy is paid for by the City Education Directorate. So we’ve already forwarded this information. The city board is already aware of it. They’re aware of it. I can’t explain exactly in detail what’s going on so that there are no payments.”

The school board is aware of what the cut-off of the electricity supply to the public school could mean.

“If the power is cut, a lot of things could come to a standstill in the administrative sector, since we depend on the power to get computers up and running. But we’ll also have problems with the water supply. Our work will be complicated because we depend on water for cleaning and sanitising. Our life here at school depends on water.”

But this isn’t the only case of schools in debt, and the problem isn’t new.

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All the schools in the Nlhamankulo Municipal district, in Maputo City, started the 2024 school year without drinking water due to the supply being cut off in December last year because of debts.

However, the situation has now been resolved and, as a result, water has been flowing from the taps in those schools since last Wednesday.

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