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Standard Bank Defends Partnerships With Public Institutions for Sustainable Development

Standard Bank Defends Partnerships With Public Institutions for Sustainable Development

The head of Commercial and Business Banking at Standard Bank, João Guirengane, recently argued that public institutions and Global Development Institutions (GDI) play a complementary role in providing financing, technical assistance and resources to support development programmes and projects in key areas such as education, health, infrastructure and rural development.

According to an article made public this Tuesday, June 11, by the newspaper Noticias, the official was speaking in Maputo during a conference on impact business for sustainable development, organised by Standard Bank, which brought together representatives of public institutions and Global Development.

During the conference, the bank updated attendees on the recent changes to the new Foreign Exchange Law regulations and also on the country’s macroeconomic outlook. João Guirengane said it was a unique opportunity to join forces in favour of a common goal: ‘to promote positive and lasting change in communities, in Africa and in the world’.

‘For Standard Bank, public institutions, including government bodies and public sector entities, play a crucial role in formulating and implementing policies aimed at boosting socio-economic growth, attracting investment and promoting the well-being of the population,’ said the source, stressing: ‘we believe that our in-depth knowledge and experience in Mozambique and the African continent can help maximise the impact of this work.’

At the conference, which took place on the theme of ‘Impact partnerships for sustainable development’, Standard Bank’s head of Public Sector and Global Development Institutions (IDG), Nasrine Seni, presented the bank’s Value Proposition for public institutions and IDG.

In her presentation, she explained that ‘the bank’s promise is to serve better and better, which is why we are investing in our digital structure, in order to offer convenience and security in the way that IDGs carry out transactions, as well as enabling connections between their projects in Mozambique and in other markets where the bank operates’.

The source also explained that the bank offers a variety of solutions ranging from transnational banking to the market room.

‘It should be noted that the conference is a reaffirmation of the bank’s value proposition and commitment to collaborate with IDGs in the management of financial resources and implementation of development programmes in Mozambique and other African countries where Standard Bank operates,’ he concluded.


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