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Audits to Correct Salaries of Mozambican Civil Servants

Audits to Correct Salaries of Mozambican Civil Servants

The Mozambican state expects to reduce public sector salaries by 500 million meticais (around 7.2 million euros) with the corrections to be made after audits underway.

“Around 500 million meticals: that will be the reduction resulting from the impact of the audits, due to the corrections that will be made,” Emanuel Mabumo, the inspector general of Finance, said on Saturday y at a press conference in Maputo.

The audits are due to be concluded by the end of July, he said, and were part of measures announced at the beginning of the year by the government to contain growth in salaries with the implementation of the Single Wage Table (TSU).

The investigations into the accounts cover 374,000 state employees from all areas.

At a time when almost half of the cases have been analysed, inconsistencies have been detected in 20%, said the inspector general.

He expects that “this average will be maintained” until the end of the audits, which will lead to an estimated monthly correction of 500 million meticais.

The TSU was approved in 2022 in order to eliminate asymmetries and keep the State’s wage bill under control in the medium term, but the start-up caused salaries to soar by around 36 percent, from 11.6 billion meticais per month (169 million euros per month) to 15.8 billion meticais per month (231 million euros per month).

The corrections will shrink this figure, as will the reduction in top salaries approved in May.

Max Tonela, Mozambique’s Economy and Finance Minister, explained at the time that the priority is to rationalise public spending in order to “increase the resource envelope to fund vital sectors and boost the economy.

One of the entities paying attention to Mozambican public spending is the International Monetary Fund (IMF), via the financial programme to support the country to the value of US$450 million (415 million euros) until 2025, which was approved a year ago.

The IMF has already warned about imbalances in the wage bill which should lead to a review of some points in the financial programme in order to keep it sustainable.

That review is expected to lead this month to the IMF’s third disbursement under the programme, worth about $70 million (€65 million).


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