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Top USAID Official Visits Mozambique to Bolster Resilient Development

Top USAID Official Visits Mozambique to Bolster Resilient Development

In a bid to support and reinforce democratic values and bolster resilient development in Mozambique, Deputy Administrator Isobel Coleman of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has been visiting Mozambique since yesterday (January 25) on a 5 day mission.

Her visit to Maputo and various regions across central and northern Mozambique underscores the commitment of the U.S. government to support the nation’s journey towards stability and prosperity.

During her stay in Mozambique, Deputy Administrator Coleman is engaging with officials from the Government of Mozambique, along with regional and local government representatives. The aim is to advance collaborative efforts in safeguarding democratic principles, fostering resilient communities, and enhancing adaptive agricultural development.

One of the focal points of Deputy Administrator Coleman’s visit will be exploring USAID’s partnerships and initiatives across Mozambique, includiung visits to USAID-supported projects such as Gorongosa National Park, where conservation efforts intersect with community development. Additionally, she will assess the progress of a UN-Habitat project focused on resilient reconstruction, underscoring the importance of building back stronger in the face of adversity.

Recognizing the critical importance of food security, Deputy Administrator Coleman will also delve into USAID’s Feed the Future initiatives aimed at bolstering agricultural productivity and enhancing food security in Mozambique. These efforts are vital for ensuring the resilience of communities and promoting long-term stability in the region.

Furthermore, Deputy Administrator Coleman’s agenda includes engagements with coastal communities, where USAID’s investments are geared towards building resilience and adaptation strategies to mitigate the impacts of climate change. By witnessing firsthand the challenges faced by vulnerable communities, USAID aims to further tailor its interventions effectively to address the most pressing needs.

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In addition to governmental interactions, Deputy Administrator Coleman will meet with representatives from local civil society organizations and business associations. These discussions are focused on charting a path towards stable, democratic governance and sustainable economic development in Mozambique. By fostering partnerships with diverse stakeholders, USAID seeks to catalyze positive change and empower Mozambicans to shape their own future.

Deputy Administrator Isobel Coleman’s visit underscores the enduring commitment of the United States to support Mozambique on its journey towards prosperity, resilience, and democratic governance.

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