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Uxene Smart City: Project Enters Public Consultation Phase

Uxene Smart City: Project Enters Public Consultation Phase

The Uxene company, which intends to install an intelligent and ecological city in Marracuene, called Uxene Smart City, held this Monday, May 29, in the town of that district, the first of several public hearings to residents of the neighborhoods Guava, Agostinho Neto, Cumbeza, Mateque, among others, located near the plot of 575 hectares in which the project will be implemented.

Speaking to the news portal Carta de Moçambique, the executive director of Uxene, Henrique Bettencourt, explained that the meeting is part of the preparation of the Partial Urbanization Plan (PPU) in that plot and said that the consultation aims to ensure the rational use of urban land.

“We are also here for this process to be integrative, inclusive, with the participation of the local community and validated by all. The PPU also aims to ensure an improvement in terms of the living conditions that it intends to offer when implementing the infrastructures that are planned. We are talking about infrastructures that will improve the service to the citizen, offering essential equipment and services to the community”, added Bettencourt.

More than ten of the 100 or so participants presented their concerns, wanting to understand the logic behind building a city on an allegedly disputed site. Other concerns were related to the need to install social infrastructure such as schools, health posts, and police stations on the site.

In response to the concerns presented, Uxene’s consultant, Almeida Tomás, explained that the company welcomed the concerns of the residents and stressed that in the coming months there will be more meetings in each neighborhood. “We are getting pretty good feedback here, even from those who talk about possible land disputes or the ongoing lawsuit in court. They are good references because they are true. The project will be implemented on another part of the land without litigation. Therefore, there is absolutely no conflict between the area to be occupied and the area in litigation”, clarified the responsible.

In what concerns social services, Almeida Tomás assured that there are spaces within the plot reserved to the State for the construction of public infrastructures.

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In addition to residents, the event was attended by representatives of the provincial and district government, political parties and the general public.

The urbanistic project Uxene Smart City was launched on December 7, 2022 in Maputo and is valued at 3.5 billion dollars. The smart city plans to house more than 100,000 inhabitants. Of the 575 hectares, 179.2 hectares will be occupied by the simple and mixed housing area, 105 hectares allocated for the road network and crossing, 59.6 hectares for a golf course, 43 for the ecological park, 23 allocated for the logistics park, 20.7 for a center and commercial area, 11 hectares reserved for a university campus and 6.3 prepared for an intermodal terminal.


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