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Timber Smuggling Costs Mozambique $700M a Year

Timber Smuggling Costs Mozambique $700M a Year

The country faces an annual loss of around 54.25 billion meticals (700 million dollars) due to timber smuggling, revealed Cláudio Afonso, the national director of Forestry, during a seminar on the sector held in Quelimane on Tuesday (28). ‘This problem has caused great concern to the government, which is already taking measures to combat it,’ as reported by the newspaper Noticias.

According to the report, in response to this ‘alarming situation’, a new management and control instrument is being developed for the forestry sub-sector. The government plans to implement a computerised Forestry Information System. ‘This system aims to significantly improve the flow of forest management and inspection actions throughout the country,’ said Cláudio Afonso.

‘The Forestry Information System will be fully operational by 2025,’ explained Cláudio Afonso. ‘With this computerised platform, the forestry sector will be more transparent and interactive, allowing for faster procedures and more effective decisions.’

With the new system, forestry operators will be able to request guides remotely and electronically, which should make the process easier and reduce bureaucracy. Cláudio Afonso added that, as part of the efforts to improve forest management, various initiatives are underway for monitoring and transnational co-operation on forest conservation and the fight against deforestation.

‘These measures are seen as crucial to combating timber smuggling and preserving the country’s forest resources, contributing to sustainable development and environmental protection,’ the source said.


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