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Sofid Launches “Pedro Cudell Internationalisation Prize” for Companies With the Best Sustainable Projects in Africa

Sofid Launches “Pedro Cudell Internationalisation Prize” for Companies With the Best Sustainable Projects in Africa

They are open until the 15th of October as candidacies for the “Pedro Cudell Internationalization Award”, launched this month by Sofid, an AIP member company. It will be unveiled during the event “Financing in Africa – the role of Development Finance Institutions”, to be held in November.

With an annual periodicity, the award will distinguish as companies that present the best cases of internationalization success, through direct investment in an African country. Winners will be selected in three categories: SME, Large Company and Revelation Award.

The “Pedro Cudell Internationalization Award – Internationalization with Impact” can also highlight a particular company or institution for its contribution to the national objective of direct investment by the private sector in Africa.

Created by Sofid within the scope of its mission, its aim is not only to promote direct investment by Portuguese companies in developing countries, but also to reward and publicize the excellence of the projects of Portuguese companies that invest in African countries and impact with their activities. sustainable development goals.

The application period runs from September 1st to October 15th, and companies must have consulted the award regulations and submit their application by filling out the form.

There are three members of the jury: Agostinho Miranda, António Saraiva and Sérgio Pimenta

Founding partner of Miranda & Associados, Agostinho Miranda is president of ProPública, an association he founded with the objective of sponsoring the defense of the public interest and collective heritage. He is a member of the governing bodies of several Portuguese and international companies, and is a visiting professor at the law faculties of the universities, Católica Portuguesa, Nova de Lisboa, Agostinho Neto (Angola) and Eduardo Mondlane (Mozambique).

António Saraiva, president of CIP – Business Confederation of Portugal, is also vice president of BusinessEurope and of the Economic and Social Council. He is a specialist in business diplomacy and associativism, an area he teaches at ISCSP – Higher Institute of Social and Political Sciences. At Coimbra Business School he also teaches the subject of economic development.

Market of opportunities for Portuguese companies

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Pedro Cudell was a director of Sofid from its foundation until 2019, having continued connected to this company as a member of the strategic board.

He believed that Portuguese companies should invest in Africa, a market of opportunities with a growing population and relevant levels of economic development.

It was with this vision that he put businessmen, diplomats and politicians in contact, with the aim of internationalizing the Portuguese business fabric.

With extensive international experience, Pedro Cudell was, in 2010, the first president of Banco Espírito Santo Cabo Verde. In 2012, he was one of the founders of the Portugal-Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which he chaired until 2017.


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