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Sofala to Have Eco-Friendly Charcoal Factory

Sofala to Have Eco-Friendly Charcoal Factory

The Muanza district, in Sofala, plans to build an ecological charcoal production unit, the first of its kind in the country, budgeted at 26 million meticais, with funding from the World Bank.
The factory will have the capacity to produce 2,500 tons of ecological charcoal per year, using as raw material the sawdust that has been wasted by the local timber industry.

The initiative is from the company LevasFlor and is awaiting the results of environmental impact studies to get off the ground.

Cited by Radio Mozambique, the managing director of the firm, Nils von Sydow, says that ecological charcoal is highly sought after in the international market, where a ton currently costs US$800.

“Most of the charcoal will be exported to Europe and the United States of America. It means that the charcoal has environmental certification and a good international asking price,” the source said.

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