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Qatar Will Build an Eco-Floating Hotel

Qatar Will Build an Eco-Floating Hotel

Istanbul, Turkey-based architectural firm Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS) has unveiled its latest project. According to Russian state channel RT, it is a “floating eco-hotel” off the coast of Qatar.

The operation of this luxury hotel, which will have 152 rooms and a circular shape, was inspired by the sea and a vortex. The idea is that the structure will rotate until it makes a complete turn every 24 hours, integrating a system capable of producing its own energy.

The Turkish company also plans to have the organic waste from this hotel unit collected and turned into fertilizer for its green areas. With regard to saving water, it also has several ideas in mind.

The roof of the structure will be built to capture rainwater, which can be treated and reused for cleaning. Water for drinking will come from purified seawater, and wastewater will be treated so as not to harm the environment.

According to HAADS, the hotel will be accessed in three ways: via a floating pier around the hotel, by boat, and by helicopter that can land on the helipad.

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Each room will have its own balcony to offer guests different perspectives of the same place, and the hotel will also have amenities such as indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, spa, gym, and miniature golf course.

Although there is no certain date yet for the completion of the work, the Turkish company hopes that the hotel can be opened four years from now, in 2025.


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