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Farmer Field Schools and Soil doctors Join Forces for Sustainable Land Management in Mozambique

Farmer Field Schools and Soil doctors Join Forces for Sustainable Land Management in Mozambique

In a move towards more sustainable and regenerative agriculture in Mozambique, the FAO office, backed by the Global Soil Partnership (GSP), has launched an inspiring initiative to build farmers’ capacity to steward their soil, ensuring long-term productivity and environmental health. The training, which took place as part of the Organization’s projects in the country PROMOVE Agribiz, funded by the European Union, and PRODAI, funded by the Italian Cooperation Agency, was held under FAO’s Global Soil Doctor Programme (GSDP).

The Global Programme is a farmer-to-farmer training initiative developed by the Global Soil Partnership (GSP). As part of FAO, the GSP works to improve soil governance to ensure productive soils for food security, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and sustainable development for all. ‘Soil Doctors’ aims to provide farmers with educational materials to learn about Sustainable Soil Management. The most outstanding farmers – recognized as ‘Soil Doctors’ – are selected to support and educate other farmers in their community. This scheme creates a self-sufficient exchange process that promotes the practice of Sustainable Soil Management. The ‘Soil Doctors Global Programme’ has already trained more than 10 000 farmers in 25 countries, mainly in Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

The five-day training course conducted by Carolina Olivera Sanchez, Sustainable Soil Management Consultant at FAO headquarters in Rome successfully emphasized to the 20 participants the importance of soil fertility for crop production and the critical role of soil organic carbon in maintaining healthy soils. To facilitate the GSDP’s implementation, high-quality training materials were translated into Portuguese, including posters, field exercises, and soil assessment cards. Practical recommendations were proposed to tailor the training to local conditions, ensuring it matched the farmers’ literacy levels for effective learning.

FFS proved to be an ideal setting for the implementation of the GSDP training modules, through the pivotal role of the Soil Doctors.  The 20 participants, including technicians from FAO and District Services for Economic Activities (SDAEs), as well as university professors, will train 130 ‘Soil Doctors’ and around 600 farmers will receive training in sustainable management and soil evaluation through the Global Programme. Ultimately, this initiative represents a transformative step towards sustainable agriculture in Mozambique, promising to enhance food security, boost rural livelihoods, and protect the environment for future generations.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations


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