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River Basins in Southern Mozambique Begin to Recede

River Basins in Southern Mozambique Begin to Recede

The river basins in the southern region of Mozambique will begin to recede in the coming hours, after flooding in recent days, the Southern Regional Water Administration (ARA-Sul) said on Saturday.

“In view of the meteorological forecasts and the prevailing hydrological situation, for the next 48 hours the current hydrological scenario is expected to continue, characterised by high levels in the Maputo, Umbelúzi, Movene, Incomáti, Mutamba and Inhanombe basins, with a general downward trend, given the slowdown in rainfall,” the ARA-Sul statement said.

The basins in the southern region of the country recorded fluctuations in the hydrometric level, with a general downward trend, remaining below the alert, the statement reads.

ARA-Sul notes that no significant rainfall has been recorded in the last 24 hours in the entire hydroclimatological network.

The Pequenos Libombos reservoir saw its level drop to 95.15%, with a discharge of 100 cubic metres per second, the Corumana reservoir saw its level rise to 60.67%, with a discharge of 7.43 cubic metres per second, and the Massingir reservoir maintained its level at 72.08%, discharging 18.71 metres per second.

The southern region of Mozambique experienced heavy rain last Sunday, with the authorities reporting at least four deaths, two injured and 12,740 people affected, according to preliminary data from the National Emergency Operation Centre (Cenoe).

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The country is considered one of the most severely affected by global climate change, facing cyclical floods and tropical cyclones during the rainy season.

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