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When Access and Savings Come Together in the Same Matrix

When Access and Savings Come Together in the Same Matrix

It is true that a large part of the Mozambican population has no access to energy, but it is also true that those who do have access to energy are beginning to look for less expensive sources. This once again highlights the indispensability of renewable energy sources.

Logos Indústrias is one of many companies investing in renewable energy in Mozambique. Born of South African investments and began operating in Mozambique in 2003, supplying only electrical material and electronic devices. It started investing in renewable energy six years ago, when it became aware of the global trend to replace fossil sources by clean ones. It bets only on solar energy, acting as a supplier of solar equipment to other companies that install this system. It also does direct intervention through the design and installation of systems on a national scale, inside and outside the public energy grid of the company Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM).

But why is it necessary for those who have access to energy from the national grid to be covered by renewable initiatives? Marcos Lopes, manager of Logos Indústria, explains that “a hybrid system significantly reduces the consumption bill of the national grid,” which suggests that it could become a global trend in the future.

Although it has only six branches distributed throughout the country, namely in the cities of Maputo, Zimpeto district (Maputo), Maxixe (Inhambane province), Beira (Sofala), Nampula and Pemba (Cabo Delgado), the company manages to reach the entire country. “For example, with the Sofala office we are able to cover Manica and Tete province, and with the Nampula office we also cover Niassa. However, our strategy for the coming years is to open new delegations”, he explained.

The company does not work with domestic or residential systems, but with medium and large ones, and in regions without national network coverage (which are generally the poorest), it has an indiscriminate network of clients, which includes public and private institutions, and homes.

In the name of competitiveness, Logos’ first major focus is on the quality of its products. It offers well-known brands that confer greater durability, such as Vitrium, which is known worldwide as one of the best in the supply of equipment for energy systems, not to mention the assistance it provides in the assembly and repair of systems through a large team of technicians distributed throughout the country to serve its clients. “Our great advantage is the fact that we have a technical team with a high level of knowledge about renewable equipment and systems,” said Marco Lopes.

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Logos Industries does not have service packages and prices defined. This varies according to each client’s needs and is determined by previous studies of their requirements. In other words, the solutions it offers are the conjugation of the client’s real consumption needs with its capacity to acquire the equipment. Among the various projects undertaken by the company, some examples are the electrification of eight public schools in Sofala, through fully renewable systems, and the electrification of a Vodacom branch in Nampula.

And how do you deal with the competition in a market where the number of companies that bet in this area does not stop growing? Marco Lopes believes that there is still a lot of room to explore until it reaches about 40% of the population that has no access to any source of energy. “Many regions are not electrified and there are many projects to be done, so this market still has room for several operators”, he argues.


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