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UP-Maputo Aims to Increase the Use of Renewable Energy in Food Production

UP-Maputo Aims to Increase the Use of Renewable Energy in Food Production

The Maputo Pedagogical University (UP) intends to massify the sustainable production of food through renewable energies. To this end, on Thursday 1 June, over 30 students received training on the subject, as part of the celebrations of the International Children’s Day.

Coming from several primary and secondary schools in Maputo city, the students went to the Centre for Research, Training and Sustainable Food Production of the Pedagogical University of Maputo, in Marracuene district, where they could interact with knowledgeable teachers.

“The Pedagogical University has as one of the main challenges to contribute to sustainable development, in the context of energy transition,” explained Urânio Mahanjane, a lecturer of UP Maputo, cited by the newspaper O País.

According to the source, the aim is to equip students with several production techniques through renewable energy, which is something important taking into account climate issues, adding that the institution expects the subjects to be used in a more comprehensive way.

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The Maputo Pedagogical University is a public institution of higher education, supported by the Government of Mozambique. As a university, it was the first and is the only public university fully dedicated to teacher training in the country.


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