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Solar Panels Save Vodacom 1.2 Tonnes of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2023

Solar Panels Save Vodacom 1.2 Tonnes of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2023

Vodacom Mozambique saved the emission of 1,200 tonnes of greenhouse gases in 2023 after converting the power systems of 300 more antennas with solar panels, the company’s chairman said on Tuesday.

‘Responsibility and sustainability towards society and the environment are values that guide all our actions in Mozambique,’ said the chairman of the board of directors of Vodacom Mozambique, Lucas Chachine, at a meeting with journalists in Maputo today.

‘In the last two years we have installed 287 rural antennas, powered by solar energy, and converted 35 antennas from diesel to electricity.

This has allowed Vodacom to avoid more than 1.2 million kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions and produce almost a million kilowatts of clean energy,’ he said.

With more than 2,000 employees, Vodacom remains the market leader in telecommunications in Mozambique, he added.

‘Throughout these twenty years, Vodacom Mozambique has contributed to the growth of the telecommunications sector (…) Twenty years on, we have managed to connect more than 12 million Mozambicans and expand our network to cover 86 % of the population,’ Chacine said, emphasising that the operator was a leader in the introduction of 5G technology in the country in 2023.

‘We have invested more than US$25 million in expanding our network over the last ten years, which has allowed us to install 300 telecoms stations, strategically distributed across all the provinces, with a special focus on the northern region of Mozambique,’ said Lucas Chachine.

The company has another investment of US$25 million underway to build a new datacentre in Matola, on the outskirts of Maputo, he said.

Among other projects, the market leader in wireless telephony and mobile internet in Mozambique is not ruling out the possibility of entering the television market, but not in the short term.

Lucas Chachine also said that the operator is running the ‘Faz Crescer’ programme, in which it provides computer labs to state schools, with free connectivity.

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‘This year, the “Faz Crescer” programme will expand to 100 schools across the country, covering one million teachers and pupils,’ he concluded.



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