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OHROS and SolarWorks Expand Renewable Energy Services in Mozambique

OHROS and SolarWorks Expand Renewable Energy Services in Mozambique

The international consultancy firm specialising in the global energy and utilities sector, OHROS Consulting Group, has started a collaboration with the Mozambican entity SolarWorks, with the aim of expanding and improving access to renewable solutions in remote areas of the country.

According to a publication on the platform, the partnership lasted six months and benefited several families, with more than 100 homes now having energy, as well as some health centres and school complexes.

Francisco Vassalo, a consultant with the OHROS Consulting Group, emphasised that Mozambique has a high potential for all types of energy, especially renewable energy, but that, despite this, many people still live without adequate access to electricity due to poor development.

‘There are many schools, hospitals and homes without access to electricity, contributing to the lack of knowledge and capacity in the country. It’s difficult for children to study, for hospitals to provide adequate care. The lack of electricity significantly hampers development,’ he said.

In this regard, he added: ‘We are endeavouring to contribute to development with our partnership and various projects. We realised that SolarWorks is spread throughout the country, present in many local businesses, which allows us to be closer to the communities, providing more support.’

‘The main aim is to enlighten and empower people by selling different types of products and participating in projects. The products supplied range from the smallest system that can power four lamps to systems that can supply restaurants and local businesses,’ he commented.

Vassalo pointed out that during the activities, the organisation he represents provided critical support to SolarWorks in various areas, which helped the company define a clear strategy, develop business cases, find new partnerships and other ways to boost business development.

‘Training was provided in relation to new types of clients and we assisted in the training of commercial and technical staff, the development of new installation methods and the creation of a dashboard to track new installations across the country,’ he emphasised.

What is the OHROS Consulting Group?

Founded in 2007, the OHROS Consulting Group, formerly known as UMS Group Europe, is an established international consultancy firm specialising in the energy sector, with market recognition for strategic asset management and energy transition.

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Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the organisation has established a significant presence throughout Europe, with regional offices in France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and North Macedonia, affirming its position as a niche leader in energy consulting.


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