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Mozambique to Have 300 Electric Buses for Public Transport by 2025

Mozambique to Have 300 Electric Buses for Public Transport by 2025

By the end of 2025, Mozambique will receive 300 new electric buses for public transport, marking a significant step towards sustainable mobility. This achievement is the result of an agreement formalised this Tuesday (18) between Metrobus (a private road and rail transport company) and the International Finance Corporation (a branch of the World Bank dedicated to international financial services).

According to a press release published by the newspaper O País, the initiative will be led by Metrobus, which will have the mission of ensuring the successful implementation of the project, which could serve as a model for future expansions outside the city region and the province of Maputo, in southern Mozambique.

Amilton Alissone, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications, emphasised that the financing is in line with the mobility plan for the greater Maputo area and with future long-term concessions in other parts of the country.

“What concerns the operation and other guarantees to ensure that this financing takes place has a lot to do with what will be our mobility plan in the greater Maputo metropolitan area, and this also has to do with what will be the long-term concessions, whose studies and work is being done to determine the concession model at the level of the Maputo metropolitan area and in other corners of the country,” he said.

For his part, the CEO of Sir Motor, the entity that owns Metrobus, Amad Camal, confirmed that the project is already underway, with funding secured to expand the fleets. “Ten 18-metre buses will arrive in October and the same exercise will be replicated in February next year,” he said.

Camal also said that this acquisition will put the country at the forefront of the use of clean energy in public transport, with the installation of charging centres starting in July.

With these vehicles in circulation, Metrobus has promised that it will launch new routes to boost transport in the north of Maputo, as well as leveraging the level of charging, which currently stands at 12,000 people a day.

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