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ESG Talks: “Mozambican Private Sector Is Still Afraid to Invest in Renewable Energy” – Mayra Pereira

ESG Talks: “Mozambican Private Sector Is Still Afraid to Invest in Renewable Energy” – Mayra Pereira

Energy plays a critical role in the sustainable development of African states, which is why it is important for each country to work in partnership with the private sector to guarantee reliable and modern access to the resource, so that it contributes to the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For Gaia Consulting’s Renewable Energy specialist, Mayra Pereira, today’s environmental challenges require investment in innovative solutions, such as off-grid energy, which has recently attracted attention in various dimensions, and she points out that Mozambique has favourable conditions for this.

However, speaking during the first edition of ESG Talks, more specifically at the panel on “Sustainable Financing in Mozambique: Boosting Grid and Off-Grid Projects – An Opportunity in the ESG World”, she lamented the fact that the local business community is still afraid to seek financing to invest in renewables.

“Companies are still afraid to go to the bank to invest in renewable energies. We must transform natural resources so that they benefit people’s relationships and make a positive impact on communities by providing affordable energy solutions for everyone,” she explained.

In this context, Mayra Pereira revealed that the entity she heads [Gaia Consulting] works together with partners to improve access to information and the establishment of quality standards, offering environmental expertise throughout the complete life cycle of solar projects.

“Environmental, social and governmental aspects are crucial in measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of a given project, as they ensure that there is a return on investment,” he clarified.

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Under the theme of “Financing, Impact and Good Practices for a Green Future in Mozambique”, the ESG Talks initiative aimed to debate, clarify and promote the work of Mozambican companies, organisations and figures who stand out for their implementation of sustainable practices and their approach.

The ESG Talks are an initiative organised by Media4Development, owner of Economia & Mercado magazine and the Diário Económico and 360º Mozambique portals, in partnership with InSite Mozambique, Stravillia Sustainability Hub and the EMS (Enhanced Media Systems) communications agency, and sponsored in this first edition by Standard Bank Mozambique and the consultancy firm EY.


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