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Rapid Emergency Response Service Will Attract More Investment to Mozambique

Rapid Emergency Response Service Will Attract More Investment to Mozambique

Rapid response services to emergency situations, particularly in the event of accidents or health complications, will help attract investment to Mozambique, defended the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, Higher Education and Professional Technician, Edson Macuacua.

The services will be offered by a project set up by the T4S group, in partnership with the Maluana Science and Technology Park, which provides assistance equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a rapid response to public and private organisations and individuals, which could mitigate the risk of human losses.

For this reason, and because the service contributes to strengthening community security, the deputy minister believes that it will be an element in attracting investment to the country, helping to build a Mozambique with fewer risks for people and institutions.

‘Security is a critical factor in the country’s development, as economic agents are attracted to invest in places where security is guaranteed,’ emphasised Macuacua, who was speaking today at the Maluana administrative post, in the Manhiça district of Maputo province, southern Mozambique.

In fact, according to Macuacua, innovation also flourishes in safe places and ‘this is precisely why we commend the implementation of this initiative, as it is a testimony to the importance of investment in favour of sustainable development and which has the person and their safety as its greatest business and social asset’.

This is the first service of its kind to be set up in Africa, with Mozambique as the pioneering country, and it offers users rapid assistance via an ambulance equipped, among other things, with a monitor; ventilation equipment, capable of stabilising the user/patient until they reach the hospital, as well as having a crew made up of a doctor, a nurse and a specialist emergency medical technician.

The emergency service can be requested via a freephone line or an application that can be installed on mobile phones – in the case of individuals – and via a platform on which users will be registered – in the case of users registered by a company.

Gilberto Gonçalves, from the company responsible for setting up the service, explained that the essential aim is for communities to have the means to provide prompt help when it’s needed.

‘We’re talking about all the medical equipment [that will be available in the ambulance] for eventual evacuation in a serious emergency situation,’ said Gonçalves.

From the same source, AIM learnt that some of the technicians who will be involved in the operations are Mozambicans who have benefited from prior training, in an action that aims to ‘ensure the development of local human resources’ so that Mozambique can later have the capacity to export the service to other African countries that are interested.

Initially, the project will be set up in Maputo province, where the ambulances will be located where they can reach the largest number of users, and the next step is to cover the city of Beira, in Sofala province, in the centre of the country, with the company’s intention being to make the service available throughout Mozambique.

The T4S company currently has five ambulances in Mozambique, two of which are already under concession to the Mozambique Road Network (REVIMO) and the other three will be used for this project. In all, 60 ambulances are expected to be made available, in a project budgeted at more than 300 million meticals.


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