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“One-Stop Border Will Be Operational in January 2027” – Minister

“One-Stop Border Will Be Operational in January 2027” – Minister

The one-stop border between Mozambique and South Africa should be operational by January 2027, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), Ambrósio Sitoe, said on Thursday 9 May.

Speaking in Maputo, during the 8th Maputo Port Conference, the official revealed that the process is underway and that construction work on the infrastructure will begin in December this year, with completion within two years.

‘The feasibility study is expected to be completed by August. It’s expected that by October the concession memorandum will be signed, and by December construction will begin on the infrastructure, which will last 24 months.’

Ambrósio Sitoe

Ambrósio Sitoe, quoted by Agência de Informação de Moçambique, emphasised the importance of coordination between the Mozambican and South African authorities to ensure faster and more efficient border crossings, and added that legislation is in the process of being approved in both countries, which will boost the implementation of the project to facilitate trade and regional economic development.

Ambrósio Sitoe

It’s important that the one-stop border law is passed. It has already been finalised in terms of sectoral analysis and is heading to the Council of Ministers for approval and to the Assembly of the Republic.’

Ambrósio Sitoe

AIM explains that the same is expected to happen on the South African side, where the legislation is expected to be approved this autumn. The law is currently at the public consultation stage.

In order to guarantee faster and more efficient border crossings, it will be necessary, among other measures, to have coordinated management between the Mozambican and South African authorities.

‘One of the big challenges has to do with what we call coordinated border management on the Mozambican side. It’s necessary to be effective, to have various agents at the border in the areas of customs, migration, health security, with coordinated management so that, with their South African counterpart, we can have a more expeditious activity.’

Ambrosio Sitoe

The one-stop border offers numerous opportunities for the region, including an increase in the volume of cargo transported and the development of new businesses.

The source emphasised that the operation of the border will be largely led by the private sector, although public activities, such as customs and migration, will remain under government control.

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With the announcement, Mozambique and South Africa are taking significant steps towards facilitating cross-border trade and strengthening regional integration, which should boost economic development and prosperity for both countries and the entire region, one of the prerequisites of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).



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