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Mozambique to Pass Law Regulating Drone Use

Mozambique to Pass Law Regulating Drone Use

The Minister of National Defence, Cristóvão Chume, defended the need to create specific legislation on the use of drones and similar devices, in order to put an end to the “disorderly” way in which these devices are operated and to guarantee national security.

According to the president, the lack of a specific rule on the subject is allowing drones to fly uncontrolled over military operations areas and barracks.

“With this bill, we’re going to have an opportunity to say how things should happen and who should do it, as well as to regulate the use of drones, placing the appropriate limits on the use of this type of device and other aerial vehicles for capturing information,” he stressed.

The minister assured that the future law would respect citizens’ fundamental rights, including freedom of the press, with the exception of restrictions imposed by situations such as a state of emergency.

“Places such as the Defence and Security Forces, the Presidency of the Republic, the Assembly of the Republic, airports and public events without authorisation for overflights will be legally protected from the use of these devices,” he added.

Cristóvão Chume emphasised that the future regulation will allow investments to be made so that information gathered by aerial vehicles for economic purposes can be processed within the country.

“Investment is needed in national institutions so that, little by little, we can reduce the possibility of resorting to foreign companies in the area of cartography,” emphasised Chume.


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