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Mozambique and South Africa to Improve Strategy to Fight Organised Crime

Mozambique and South Africa to Improve Strategy to Fight Organised Crime

The governments of Mozambique and South Africa are working to improve cooperation mechanisms and make the fight against organised crime more dynamic and effective, as well as curbing its spread.

To this end, the Mozambican Minister of the Interior, Pascoal Ronda, and his South African counterpart, Bheki Cele, held a meeting on Tuesday 9 April with the aim of analysing the progress made in the fight against organised crime in both nations.

“This meeting is an opportunity to strengthen cooperation and adopt joint strategies in the field of public security, to prevent and combat organised and transnational crime in its various forms,” said Ronda.

The Mozambican minister explained that the dynamic socio-economic development of the two countries requires the effective free movement of people and goods in order to facilitate an increase in cross-border trade and tourism activities, which are “aspects that constitute high expectations for the population”, which is why there is a need to step up security.

For his part, the South African minister warned that if countries don’t work together with the same focus, crime will always be one step ahead of the law, which is why “there must be an exchange of information and exchange”.

“In recent times, our countries have held 12 meetings and technical operations to exchange information, with the aim of solidifying cooperation and mapping out a joint plan to cement collaboration with a focus on improving security,” he pointed out.

Bheki Cele stressed that the Trilateral Planning Cell (TPS) located in Mozambique is proving to be a formidable strategy for combating organised crime and drug trafficking.

“It’s our task to understand the importance of dismantling organised crime, which is the source of many crimes that affect our countries, so it’s important and urgent to train ourselves to respond to security challenges,” he said.


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