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INGD Invests $9M in Climate Resilience Programmes

INGD Invests $9M in Climate Resilience Programmes

The National Institute for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (INGD) is investing about nine million dollars in the implementation of actions included in the program of resilience against climate change throughout the Mozambican territory.

The amount, funded by the World Bank, is intended for capacity building, revitalization and purchase of equipment so that the Local Risk Management Committees can cope with extreme events such as cyclones, floods and droughts that cyclically affect the country.

In fact, in recent years, extreme events have occurred with greater frequency and intensity in Mozambique, which is considered one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate change.

According to INGD’s Disaster Risk Management and Resilience program coordinator, António Queface, the start of these actions will allow the goals previously set by the government regarding the reduction of the impact of extreme events on communities to be achieved by the end of 2024.

“The funding is really for empowering, preparing and equipping the Local Committees. This program ends in June 2024, and until then, we hope to achieve all the goals of revitalization and capacity building of a total of 1500 Local Committees existing throughout the country,” said Queface last Saturday (17), quoted by the Mozambique Information Agency (AIM).

The source added that “the challenge is to make these committees functional, that is, to be able, in the event of a disaster or its imminence, to fully reduce the vulnerability of their communities.

The current action takes place in the light of the Program for Disaster Risk Management and Resilience in Mozambique.

Recently, World Bank experts recommended the Mozambican Government to include climate resilience in all public policies to mitigate the negative impact of natural disasters, and thus prevent it from hampering development.

The World Bank made the recommendation during a public hearing as part of the ongoing preparation of the report on Climate Change and Development.


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