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INGD: 95,000 People Could Need Food Aid in Nampula

INGD: 95,000 People Could Need Food Aid in Nampula

Mozambique’s National Disaster Management Institute (INGD) estimates that at least 95,000 people may need food aid in the northern province of Nampula in the coming rainy season (due to begin in October).

The INGD Nampula delegate, Anacleta Titos, speaking at a press conference on Saturday, said this number refers to the most probable scenario.

The annual contingency plan for the 2023/2024 rainy season has been approved, she said, and for the most likely scenario 41 million meticais (about 641,000 US dollars, at the current exchange rate) will be needed “to assist about 95,000 people at risk of beng affected’.

The most likely scenario involves high winds, floods in the river valleys, localised inundations in cities, and possible cyclones.

Titos said activities are under way to raise public awareness of the dangers, and to urge due precautions.

She added that Nampula province already has boats available for possible evacuations from flood prone areas.

“All the river basins are on alert’, said Titos, “since the forecast indicates that rainfall will be between normal and above normal levels, and that at least one cyclone will occur’.

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Communities are being advised to avoid flood-prone areas and, if necessary, temporary shelters will be set up to accommodate those who have been evacuated.

Titos added that communities are also being advised to build houses that are resilient to storms.

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