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Health Workers’ Strike Set for 28 March

Health Workers’ Strike Set for 28 March

The Association of United and Solidarity Health Professionals of Mozambique (APSUSM) announced on Monday (25) that the strike will resume on 28 March, in demand for better working conditions in the public sector.

“Last year, during the first strike, we said that our health units were seriously suffering from a lack of medical and surgical equipment, hospital equipment and medicines. The government made a commitment to reverse the situation, but unfortunately conditions are worse than before,” explained Anselmo Muchave, president of APSUSM.

Speaking at a press conference, he said that the professionals will only resume their activities once the government has resolved the issues raised.

The association accuses the government of non-compliance with the agreements reached during the negotiation process, highlighting, in addition to the lack of material and working conditions, irregularities such as the failure to increase the risk allowance in the application of the Single Salary Table (TSU) and discounts applied to student employees.

“We believe that this lack of commitment results from the fact that managers who suffer from health problems turn to private clinics inside and outside the country. The right to healthcare is not a favour, but a duty of the state,” he said.

In July and August 2023, the National Health System (SNS) faced a crisis caused by staff strikes, called first by the Medical Association of Mozambique (AMM) and then by the Association of United and Solidarity Health Professionals of Mozambique, both of which were interrupted to make room for dialogue with the government.


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