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Group 77+China: Nyusi Calls for Peaceful Coexistence Between Nations

Group 77+China: Nyusi Calls for Peaceful Coexistence Between Nations

Mozambican President, Filipe Nyusi, has called for peaceful coexistence and solidarity between nations, in order to boost international cooperation for mutual development.

According to Nyusi, who was speaking on Friday, in Havana, at the Group 77 + China extraordinary summit, ‘this is the only way we believe that we can develop the humanity in which we have all participated.’

As a member state of the Group of 77 + China, he said, Mozambique sees its participation in this high-level meeting as an opportunity to reaffirm its commitment to the ideals of cooperation and solidarity between developing nations.

‘We reiterate our hope that the summit declaration will be realized so that science, technology and innovation are at the service of the sustainable and harmonious development of our countries’, Nyusi said.

The President believes that “the three objectives defined by the Summit should be pursued, namely to encourage debates on the main challenges facing the South in achieving sustainable development, above all the application of science, technology and innovation to guarantee food security, health, new production processes, improving the healthy environment, government management and the private sector with a view to human well-being, in order to continue and achieve the decisions taken at the first and second Group77 + China Summits.”

Nyusi sees this as a way of ‘laying the foundations for positions of interest to the Group77 + China, in the context of the many multilateral negotiating processes underway, including the global digital compact’.

‘Meanwhile, we have noted with great concern the spread of terrorism on the African continent, which has exacerbated conflicts and hostilities, and our country has been no exception,’ said Nyusi.

According to Nyusi, other challenging phenomena for the African continent have to do with armed conflicts and the security of states and the problem of unconstitutional changes of government, most notably in West and Central Africa.

With regard to climate change, Nyusi explained that ‘we believe that with the use of technology, we can better forecast and map areas likely to be hit by extreme phenomena’.

He also said that food insecurity and poverty are other phenomena that can be overcome through the application of science.

In this context, Nyusi congratulated his Cuban counterpart, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez ‘for the wise choice of the Summit’s theme, which is: The current challenges of development – the role of science, technology and innovation’.

Nyusi believed that the theme ‘fits in perfectly with the current international situation in which we are required to promote technical-scientific progress as a fundamental tool for overcoming adversity and achieving sustainable development’.

He also expressed solidarity ‘with our brothers and sisters who are currently going through difficult times in Morocco and Libya’.

‘We know about this kind of suffering and normally when it comes and it doesn’t give any warning, it’s very difficult to cope with and there will be generations who will live through this suffering,’ said Nyusi.

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