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Government Wants Society Involved in Fighting Corruption in Civil Service

Government Wants Society Involved in Fighting Corruption in Civil Service

The Deputy Minister of State Administration and Public Service, Inocêncio Impissa, said that there is a need to strengthen integrity, transparency and fight against corruption in the civil service, and called for the active participation of the society in this process.

He was speaking on Thursday, 6 October, during a meeting organised by the General Inspectorate of Public Administration, which brought together various players in society to find solutions in the fight against corruption.

According to him, one of the Government’s major challenges is to continue to improve the working conditions of the State employees and agents for the Country’s development and, therefore, the fight against corruption and behaviours that attempt against public probity should be seen as a priority in Mozambique.

“We all know that the effects of corruption are harmful and affect not only the public administration but also society in general. In other words, corruption cannot be a behaviour of Mozambican society. We cannot be proud of the moment in which we find ourselves today in relation to this scourge,” said Inocêncio Impissa, adding that corruption involves everyone and not just the Government.

“Corruption is no longer a problem only of the rulers and civil servants – it is of society. It will not make anyone, or any of us, proud to go out and point at the other, accusing them of corruption. Wherever there is a corruptor there is a corruptor,” said Inocêncio Impissa.


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