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Government Defends Greater Dynamism in Bilateral Cooperation With Kenya

Government Defends Greater Dynamism in Bilateral Cooperation With Kenya

The Mozambican government, through the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Verónica Macamo, today (9) defended “greater dynamism” in cooperation with Kenya, through the “intensification” of bilateral economic relations.

The head of Mozambican diplomacy, who was speaking this Wednesday (9 August), during the second session of the Joint Cooperation Commission between Mozambique and Kenya, which preceded the visit of Kenyan President William Ruto to the country.

“It is urgent to give greater impetus to the implementation and monitoring of agreed activities in order to give cooperation greater quality and dynamism and to raise economic relations to the level of our interaction in the political and diplomatic sphere in favour of our peoples,” said the Mozambican official.

Emphasising that trade and economic ties between Mozambique and Kenya are still incipient, Macamo noted the need to intensify cooperation in the areas already identified and to explore new opportunities to overcome problems such as hunger and poverty.

“The leaderships of our countries are committed to increasing bilateral cooperation as an instrument to promote synergies and mutual complementarities in the fight against poverty and the pursuit of sustainable development in our countries,” Macamo emphasised.

For his part, Kenya’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Diaspora Affairs, Alfred Mutua, advocated for deepening economic and trade ties among countries on the continent, noting that African nations export and import more from other continents.

“The pan-African spirit must be recovered for trade and business as well because the colonial paradigm is still being maintained where economic ties are more pronounced with countries that colonised countries on the continent,” Mutua stressed, adding that Africa must act to remove obstacles that hinder the smooth flow of economic cooperation between countries.

The Kenyan diplomatic chief argued that intra-African co-operation can accelerate gains against poverty on the continent, considering the huge potentials that exist.


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