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Africa Month: FNB Takes Financial Education to FPLM Secondary School

Africa Month: FNB Takes Financial Education to FPLM Secondary School

As part of the Africa Month celebrations, the FNB organized a financial literacy initiative at the FPLM Secondary School in Maputo. The event, which took place under the slogan “Together, we make Africa prosper”, focused on educating students about the efficient management of their personal finances.

The session, which was attended by around 60 students and teachers, prompted encouragement from Ka Maxakene, the district representative for Education and Culture, “to expand the program to other schools in the district, as one of the main concerns that young people have today is managing their finances. This initiative will undoubtedly bring added value to the community,” he said.

Otília Malenda, on behalf of Maputo’s Councillor for Education, Culture and Sport, also stressed the importance of financial literacy in the early stages of education: “All of us here already have contact with money, what we need is to learn how to deal with it and today we had access to valuable lessons, thanks to the FNB.”

Alfredo Mondlane, Head of Economics and Market Research at FNB, led the financial literacy session, starting by defining the concept and emphasizing the importance of treating money with “respect and consideration”. This initiative is part of FNB’s ongoing effort to help communities, especially the younger generations, to contribute to the sustainable development of the country and the African continent, preparing them for a more informed and financially aware future,” he explained.

Under the attentive eyes of the students, he also said that “we must demystify the idea that a bank is only used to keep money”, stressing that FNB aims to “enrich the students’ experience” by teaching them how to use money efficiently. “We want to add value to the lives of each of you, so that you leave this session without any taboos about money and with a more holistic view of what to do with it.” On the importance of saving, he added that “it’s not just for emergencies, but also for creating businesses, entrepreneurship and multiplying money”.

Jigna Bhanji, Public Relations and Communications Manager at FNB, stressed the importance of financial education during the Africa Month activities. “Together, we can help make Africa prosper. This slogan is more than just a motto for FNB, it’s an action plan that shows us that by investing in the education of young people, we create the conditions to boost the sustainable development of the country and the continent,” he said.

The event, which included a range of fun activities such as a game on financial education and a story illustrating the importance of proper money management, is part of the Bank’s Social and Corporate Responsibility actions, which include a series of initiatives to boost financial literacy among the younger generation.


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