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World Bank Provides $5M to Preserve Biodiversity in Mozambique

World Bank Provides $5M to Preserve Biodiversity in Mozambique

The World Bank has granted funding of 5 million dollars to Mágoè National Park, in central Mozambique, for the preservation of biodiversity, said Raimundo Matusse, the park’s administrator, on Monday, December 4.

Speaking to Rádio Moçambique, the source said that “the money will be used to protect and preserve animal species in the park, boost tourism and combat poaching by recruiting and training inspectors”.

Made up of semi-enclosed forest characterized by dry vegetation, especially mopane, embondeiros and various species of wildlife, including buffalo, elephants and crocodiles, the Mágoè National Park occupies part of the Mágoè and Cahora Bassa districts, in the province of Tete, and covers 5,000 square kilometers.

Since 2019, thanks to the support of the Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity (BIOFUND), the park has been able to expand its checkpoints from five to nine, which has contributed to an increase in the fauna population in both species and numbers.

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