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Mozambique’s Conservation Foundation Approves €15 M For Biodiversity Protection in 2023

Mozambique’s Conservation Foundation Approves €15 M For Biodiversity Protection in 2023

Mozambique’s Biodiversity Conservation Foundation (Biofund) has approved a budget of US$16 million (15 million euros) to support “biodiversity protection” activities in the country by 2023.

With the amount, Biofund will support the “operation of public and private sector conservation areas and some community areas,” the organisation said in a statement sent to the media yesterday.

In 2023, the Foundation for Biodiversity Conservation plans, amongst other things, to support the translocation of around 200 large animals to the Gilé National Park and installation of a research centre on Mount Mabu, in northern Mozambique.

According to the note, the institution also wants to “intensify environmental awareness actions,” by holding exhibitions on biodiversity and other environmental education activities.

“In 2023 Biofund plans to do even more for biodiversity,” he said, noting that actions would be implemented that aim to “contribute to the protection and sustainable use of natural resources in terrestrial and marine areas” in Mozambique.

Biofund, a Mozambican private fund, has the mission of promoting the sustainable funding of biodiversity conservation, with a focus on the national network of conservation areas.

Mozambique is home to around 5,500 species of plants and 4,271 species of terrestrial wildlife, as well as 220 species of mammals and 690 species of birds, according to the National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC).

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At least seven Mozambican parks, an equal number of reserves and four jointly managed cross-border areas are under ANAC’s responsibility.

Mozambique is the seventh country in sub-Saharan Africa with the highest number of endangered species, according to 2021 data advanced by the Ministry of Land and Environment.

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