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Mozambique to Establish Forest Resources Regulator

Mozambique to Establish Forest Resources Regulator

In one of its recently released reports, the World Bank revealed that Mozambique is a country with significant forest cover, highlighting that native forests and woodlands cover 43 per cent of the land mass, harbouring extensive biodiversity and unique landscapes that are fundamental to social, environmental and economic well-being. It warns, however, that rapid deforestation is threatening ecosystems and rural livelihoods.

With this in mind, the Mozambican authorities intend to create a National Forestry Development Institute (INDF), an organisation that will be exclusively geared towards dealing with flora-related issues.

According to the national director of Forestry, Cláudio Afonso, the intention is in line with what was defined when the Forestry Law was passed, which advocates the protection and development of forest species.

“The Forestry Law approved by Parliament in 2023, which has been in force since the end of June, gave the go-ahead, under Article 24(1), for the creation of an autonomous public entity with the technical capacity to ensure the sustainable use of flora,” he stressed.

He also said that with the structuring of the INDF, the Ministry of Land and Environment will work to reduce the rate of deforestation by 0.58% by 2030, maximise the economic benefits for communities in conservation areas, combat illegal logging and control the production of wood fuel.

“The intensive and effective protection of forests requires greater control, and the INDF will be essential to develop actions that promote the preservation and sustainable use of resources,” he emphasised.

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