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Biodiversity: Absa Bank and PNAM Sign Partnership for Environmental Conservation

Biodiversity: Absa Bank and PNAM Sign Partnership for Environmental Conservation

Absa Bank Mozambique signed a memorandum of understanding with the Maputo National Park (PNAM) on Wednesday 10 April, consolidating its commitment to environmental conservation and the fulfilment of Sustainable Development Goal 13, which focuses on climate action.

This alliance is part of the “Club of Friends” project, a PNAM initiative supported by the German government, which aims to unite the efforts of various organisations in favour of conservation and sustainable development.

Silke Hansen, representing the German government, emphasised that the “Club of Friends” seeks to enrol institutions and individuals committed to the preservation of ecosystems and the progress of local communities.

“With this initiative, we hope to engage the national private sector to jointly create job opportunities, promote environmental education and mitigate human-wildlife conflict in and around the park, elements that will be explored in the memorandum being signed,” said Hansen.

Miguel Gonçalves, PNAM’s managing director, recalled the park’s trajectory, emphasising its expansion with the inclusion of the Ponta de Ouro Marine Reserve in 2009. The park, which now includes the Maputo Special Reserve (REM) and the Ponta de Ouro Partial Marine Reserve (REMPP0), directly benefits around 181,000 families. Gonçalves emphasised the collaborative management of the park, carried out in partnership between the Government of Mozambique, through the Ministry of Land and Environment (MTA) and the National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC), and the Peace Parks Foundation (PPF).

“The involvement of the German government, the Peace Parks Foundation and now Absa Bank Mozambique is fundamental to the success of our conservation and sustainability projects. Together, we support not only the park, but also the communities that live in it,” said Gonçalves, adding that PNAM is a candidate for World Heritage status.

Pedro Carvalho, CEO of Absa Bank Mozambique, emphasised the role of the financial institution in this partnership focused on the “Man-Wildlife Coexistence Project”, which promotes actions to protect people, property and animals, encouraging a harmonious coexistence between community development and wildlife preservation.

Without revealing the amounts involved, Absa’s CEO said that this collaboration “aims to benefit the 181,000 families in the park’s area of influence, protect more than 1,728 square kilometres of conserved area, promote biodiversity and boost regional development by encouraging sustainable agriculture”.

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