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CNE: “Almost 60% of Voters Have Been Registered in Mozambique”

CNE: “Almost 60% of Voters Have Been Registered in Mozambique”

Since 15 March, Mozambique has registered around 4.3 million voters for this year’s general elections, corresponding to 58.44% of the total expected by 28 April, the National Electoral Commission (CNE) announced on Tuesday.

“This evolution in the number of registered voters corresponds to what was expected, and we must also take into account the usual acceleration with the passing of the deadline. The figure indicated will be updated, as there are some brigades that, due to communication difficulties, have not yet provided their data,” said CNE spokesman Paulo Cuinica at a press conference in Maputo.

In addition to those registered during this period, there are 8.7 million voters already registered in 2023 for last year’s local elections, making a total of 12.6 million voters able to vote in the general elections at the moment, which in turn corresponds to 78% of the 16.2 million expected to register for the 9 October elections, added the CNE spokesman, quoted by Lusa.

“Those who registered in 2023 do not need to register again this year, except in cases where they have lost their voter registration card or have changed residence, or if the card has any anomalies that could jeopardise voting,” he warned.

In southern Mozambique, Mr Cuinica pointed out, registration is taking place in very adverse weather conditions, due to the rainfall. “However, the electoral bodies are not considering extending the process for the time being, and are postponing a final decision until later,” said the source, recognising that “these conditions have had a negative impact on the deployment of the brigades and the normal course of voter registration, as well as causing various difficulties in the supply of energy and means of communication.”

The CNE spokesman also said that, at the moment, in Cabo Delgado, a province that has seen insurgent attacks since 2017, “almost all the registration posts are fully operational, with only the lack of placement of the 19 brigades in the Quissanga district persisting, made impossible by the impassability of access roads and the situation of insecurity”.

Cuinica also said that 71,614 Mozambican citizens living abroad were registered in the first six days of this process – which began on 30 March – out of the 279,685 potential voters expected by 28 April.

The electoral body expects to enrol more than seven million people this year, in a process that involves 9165 registration posts and 6330 brigades.

“Not considering the special case of Cabo Delgado, only two registration centres are not working: Gaza province, Massingir and Chibuto districts. In the first case, based on the problem of human-animal conflict, efforts are being made to liaise between the community and the local authorities. In Chibuto, the same problem arises, although for reasons related to community demands,” explained the CNE spokesperson.

Mozambique is holding general elections on 9 October, including presidential elections, in which the current head of state and leader of the Mozambique Liberation Front (Frelimo), Filipe Nyusi, can no longer run because he has reached the constitutional limit of two terms in office.


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