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Over 4,000 Hectares of Crops Lost Due to Intense Heat

Over 4,000 Hectares of Crops Lost Due to Intense Heat

The intense heat that has been hitting southern Mozambique in recent days has caused the loss of over 4,000 hectares of various crops in Maputo province alone.

Over the past week, the maximum temperature soared to 40 degrees Celsius, accompanied by a lack of rainfall, which is believed to be related to the El Niño phenomenon.

According to the Maputo Provincial Director of Agriculture and Fisheries, Mariamo José, speaking to reporters on Thursday, the situation for the main 2023-2024 agricultural season is quite delicate, because the heat wave is not only affecting agriculture, but also the fisheries sector.

“The situation is caused by the El Niño phenomenon, characterized by a lack of rain in this part of the country. This phenomenon occurs every two to seven years and lasts approximately nine to 12 months’, José said.

He added that a growing number of people are in need of assistance in the southern provinces, where their food reserves are running out.

Recently, the authorities announced that over 9,000 households are facing a food crisis in Chemba district, in the central province of Sofala, as a result of the loss of around 25,000 hectares of various crops destroyed by drought believed to be related to the El Ñino phenomenon.

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