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Cyclone Gombe: Death Toll in Nampula Rises to 53

Cyclone Gombe: Death Toll in Nampula Rises to 53

The number of deaths caused by tropical cyclone Gombe in Nampula province has risen to 53, according to information shared by the provincial secretary of state. Mety Gondola said that of the total number of deaths, 31 were confirmed in the administrative post of Lunga, in Mossuril district, a region that remains isolated from the rest of the province due to the destruction of access roads.

In its edition of this Thursday, 17 March, “Jornal Notícias” reported that Gondola managed to reach Lunga, by sea, describing the situation as dramatic, adding that local authorities are working to determine the final number of victims.

“Unfortunately, we have been reaped with the information that 31 deaths have been registered here (Lunga). Twenty deaths have already been identified, and the remaining 11 are still missing,” Gondola said.

The governor said that the families that had lost their loved ones were broken and that the government authorities believed that the number of deaths could be even higher, as rescue operations and surveying the damage caused by the natural phenomenon were continuing, particularly in the most affected districts, namely Mogincual, Ilha de Moçambique, Monapo and Mossuril.

The INGD also noted that the number of people affected stood at 400,175, or 77,279 families, whilst the number of homes partially or totally destroyed stood at 74,952, and 2,137 were submerged.

The same report indicated the destruction of 41 health units, 691 classrooms of 301 schools of different levels, affecting 75 607 students and 1 221 teachers.

In this way, it was also reported the destruction of 2,714 power transmission poles and 10 transformation posts. There is also an indication of destruction of five bridges and an equal number of roads affected, totalling an extension of 707 kilometres.

“In the water sector, 12 small supply systems were destroyed, while in fisheries there are records of 102 vessels and 23 fishing gear.  Nampula province currently has 26 transit centres, where 14,843 people affected by the cyclone are being accommodated. The cyclone also severely affected neighbouring Zambézia, where roads and bridges are reported destroyed,” Notícias reported.

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