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CDD Accuses Mozambican Government of Impotence in Face of Attacks on Vehicles in South Africa

CDD Accuses Mozambican Government of Impotence in Face of Attacks on Vehicles in South Africa

The Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD), a non-governmental organisation (NGO), today accused the Mozambican government of being “incapable of pressuring” South Africa to end attacks on Mozambican vehicles, warning of the risk of popular “retaliation”.

The CDD said in a statement that the government had shown a “clear inability to pressure the South African authorities to solve the problem of insecurity” caused by strangers on the roads.

In this regard, the NGO, cited by Lusa, noted that it was “predictable” that there would be retaliation in Mozambique against the burning of Mozambican vehicles in South Africa, as it said had happened a week ago in Matutuine district.

On 7 July, unknown persons set fire to a van with a South African number plate near Boa Vista, after ordering the passengers to get off.

The CDD points out that Mozambican carriers feel abandoned by the authorities, because “at least 14 vehicles” have already suffered acts of “vandalisation” in South Africa.

“Because the victims feel abandoned by the government, worrying signs of retaliation and taking justice into their own hands are beginning to emerge,” the statement said.

In addition to showing itself incapable of pressuring Pretoria to restore order on the Maputo – Durban road corridor, the Mozambican government has not been communicative about the violence on this stretch, the CDD notes.

Last week, the president of the Mozambican Federation of Road Transporters (FEMATRO), Castigo Nhamane, told Lusa that operators had suspended passenger transport between Maputo and Durban due to insecurity on the route.

“We have suspended our activities” and are waiting for a meeting with South African operators, Nhamane said.

The association leader said that Mozambican carriers were taking passengers to the Ponta de Ouro border without entering South Africa, and that South African carriers had also stopped entering Mozambique, leaving passengers at the crossing.



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