Hackers Steal About $600 Million in One of the Biggest Crypto Heists

Hackers stole about $600 million from a blockchain network connected to the popular Axie Infinity…

Crypto’s Preferred Currency for Political Donations Isn’t Bitcoin. It’s Dollars

Cryptocurrency leaders are spending money to wield influence in Washington as focus on their industry…

Africa is Breaking Free Financially Through Bitcoin

With its widespread adoption of Bitcoin, Africa is discarding traditional narratives and assuming the role…

Africa Biggest Crypto Exchange Seeks US Expansion

Digital Currency Group-owned Luno studying state regulations Luno may add new coins to serve its…

Zimbabwe Confirms Plans to Adopt Digital Currency – but not Bitcoin – as Legal Tender

El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin as a legal tender has spurred many debates and discussions…

Nigeria to Partner With Bitt Inc to Launch its Digital Currency eNaira

Nigeria’s Central Bank said that Bitt Inc will be a technical partner in the country’s effort to develop its own digital currency, the eNaira.

ComiBlock, A Nigerian Startup To Help Users Invest In Cryptocurrencies

Launched in February, ComiBlock uses technology to help its users become better crypto investors.

El Salvador is The First State in The World to Adopt Bitcoin.

El Salvador has become the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as a second official currency

El Salvador Could be the First Country to Accept Bitcoins as a Form of Payment

The president of El Salvador announced during the Bitcoin 2021 Conference that: “Next week I will send to congress the proposal that will transform bitcoin into a legal form of payment.”

Copper and Bitcoin “Could Be a Good Inflation Shield” – Goldman Sachs

Cryptocurrencies can be a good alternative to copper – not gold – when it comes to investor protection against fluctuating inflation, explained Jeff Currie, head of commodity market analysis and research at Goldman Sachs.