Sillicon Valley

WhatsApp Will Allow you to Save Conversations More Securely

WhatsApp has announced that users who ‘back up’ their conversations to the cloud will be…

Facebook Releases Model that Predicts the Evolution of the Pandemic

Facebook has decided to make available in open source code the Artificial Intelligence (AI) model developed by the company and which aims to make a prediction of the evolution of the pandemic. To do this, the American giant trained the model with public data and based on different factors – such as the number of confirmed cases, symptom surveys, mobility rates, testing data, and even weather data.

YouTube to Ban Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling Ads

YouTube will ban ads related to gambling, alcohol, drugs, as well as political and election-related ads from the header, or the banner displayed at the top of the site or app.

Facebook Develops Project To Detect Manipulated Images

Deepfakes are a problem on the internet because they can be used to manipulate or…