Egypt State Banks Setting up $85 Million Fintech Innovation Fund

Egypt’s three biggest state-owned banks are setting up an $85 million financial technology fund that…

A Nigerian Startup, Nigeria Insurtech Casava Has Received $4 Million in Pre-Seed Funding

Casava, a Nigerian digital insurance startup, has received US$4 million in pre-seed capital to help…

Nigeria Mobility Fintech Moove Has Received a $10m Debt Financing Facility

Uber’s only vehicle financing and vehicle supply partner in Sub-Saharan Africa, Nigerian mobility fintech startup…

Tanzania Fintech NALA Raised US$10M To Expend 

NALA, a Tanzanian fintech startup, has acquired US$10 million in funding as part of its…

Fees for Electronic Transactions “Put National Financial Inclusion Strategy at Risk”

Following yesterday’s news that the Tax Authority (TA) intends to start charging fees on electronic…

Will the Promise of a Mozambican Silicon Valley Be Fulfilled?

A science and technology park is a machine that produces companies and does so through…

Prospa, An App to Boost Microenterprise Development in Africa

Founded in 2019 by Frederik Obasi, Chioma Ugo, and Rodney Jackson-Cole, Prospa provides banking and software services for microenterprises, allowing users to open a fully operational bank account in five minutes and also offering access to a suite of tools such as invoicing, inventory management, employee payroll, an e-commerce platform, and an analytics dashboard.

Flourish Ventures Opens Office in Nairobi to Support Africanfrican, Fintech Startups

Flourish Ventures, a global fintech venture capital company, has opened a new office in Nairobi to support African fintech startups.

Ethiopia Sees Jump in Mobile Payments Despite Covid-19

Less than 35% of Ethiopians have access to financial services. Most bank branches are clustered around Addis Ababa and other urban areas, whereas over 80% of the population lives in rural areas, according to the World Bank.

South African Fintech Yoco Growing to 120,000 Merchants

Now serving 120,000 small businesses in South Africa, Yoco’s digital payments network, which includes point-of-sale card machines to support businesses set up online payments, and credit advance services.