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Trade Between Mozambique and Tanzania Reaches $57.8M by 2023

Trade Between Mozambique and Tanzania Reaches $57.8M by 2023

The President of Tanzania, Samia Suluhu Hassan, said on Tuesday 2 July that trade between the country she heads and Mozambican reached 3.6 billion meticals (57.8 million dollars) in 2023 and in the middle of this year it stood at 1.2 billion meticals (20.1 million dollars), which implies a downward trend.

“Tanzania has two investors from Mozambique who have created 650 jobs, while Mozambique has 16 investors from here, a situation that needs to be increased in a positive way,” said the Tanzanian stateswoman, quoted by the news portal The Guardian Tanzania.

According to the newspaper, she argued that cashew nut production is a key area for collaboration, as it has the potential for shared success, although it faces the challenge of pricing by international markets.

Speaking at a press conference at State House in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday (2), the stateswoman said that innovative development was part of the agreements reached with Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi.

With the aim of promoting the dynamic of mutual growth and prosperity, the Tanzanian leader stressed the need to revitalise trade relations between the two countries, which have stagnated for years.

“We are going to build customs centres to control trade in the border areas,” she said, noting that more investment is needed, citing an initiative to boost the Mtambaswala border post on the Tanzanian side of the border.

The Guardian Tanzania points out that the blue economy is another sphere in which the two countries are well placed to get involved, but it is an issue that will be taken up with Frelimo’s next presidential candidate, Daniel Chapo.

On the occasion, President Filipe Nyusi recalled Tanzania’s role in Mozambican President’s journey to independence, insisting on the need to strengthen ties, given the vast potential for investment in land, energy sources and rivers. “What is needed is to find ways to utilise the resources,” said the head of state.

The President praised the role of the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF) units that are committed to promoting peace and security in Mozambican, saying that Africans must be at the forefront of solving their own problems.


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